You grew up in the 90s if… (my own version!)

These are always on Facebook so thought I’d write my own version!

You grew up in the 90s if:

– You collected Pogs and Slammers and you had the tubes to keep them in

– You collected either Spice Girls or football photos and also football stickers

– If you’re a girl you had chosen the Spice Girl that you were most like (or wanted to be)

– You know who Otis the Aardvark is

– You remember the theme tune to Arthur, Rugrats and The Busy World of Richard Scarry

– You wore skirt and leggings, high-heeled jelly shoes, platform trainers, pedal-pushers, cycling shorts, Adidas trackie bottoms and a Kappa jacket

– Boys shaved Nike ticks into the back of their heads

– You came back from holidays with a braid in your hair

– You watched Live & Kicking, Fun House, The Really Wild Show, Art Attack and How 2

– You got a big sticker every time you went to the dentist

– You had those annoying coloured plastic things on the spokes of your bike wheels

– You wanted gymnast Barbie, even if you didn’t like Barbies in general

– You had a Tamagotchi and panicked that it would die while you were in school

– You had a Gameboy and a Sega Mega Drive and played Sonic

– You listened to Spice Girls, 5ive, B*Witched, Steps, S Club 7, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Take That (the first time round!) and Hanson