Symptom Checker

I thought I would list all of my symptoms during an episode (in no particular order as this would over-complicate things) so that anyone experiencing similar issues, whether diagnosed or not, can compare to their own symptoms. I am interested to hear from anyone with similar symptoms! My first episode occurred towards the end of 2010 and lasted a few weeks and the second lasted several months (neither were treated). Some recent dizziness and numbness suggests a third episode may now be occurring. 

– Headaches, often triggered by sitting in certain positions such as slouching

– Dizziness

– Some sensation loss in the skin on certain parts of the body, never complete numbness

– Slight weakness and loss of coordination

– Loss of visual field in both eyes (this symptom did not resolve after each episode, unlike other symptoms)

– Feeling of pain or pressure behind the eyes, sometimes a sharp stabbing pain in the eye 


Hospital Appointments

Don’t get me wrong, I love the NHS. I can’t imagine the past year without it. But if someone doesn’t have a single bad word to say about it, then they’ve clearly never entered the hospital for a 9.00 appointment and then left at 12.00 having had an eye examination and a 5 minute talk with the doctor… or had to explain their extensive list of weird symptoms to 10 different doctors in the space of a few months… or sometimes during a single hospital visit. But as I said, I appreciate it really.

A couple of weeks ago I had a routine follow-up appointment. I had the standard field of vision test and eye examination. For those who don’t know, a field of vision test involves resting your chin on a ledge and staring at the inside of a sideways dome-like structure, with one eye covered at a time. You are asked to stare at a dot in the centre of this dome and little lights appear in all of the areas around the dome. You have to click a button every time you see a light appear, hence showing up any areas where your vision isn’t behaving as it should.

Anyway, after the field of vision test, the doctor remarked that there were some areas of my vision where I had shown consistency in my lack of response. “Umm… wouldn’t we expect that?” I replied in a sarcastic-sounding but honestly just confused tone. “Well, a lot of people just click all over the place”, he answered.

Great. I’d lost part of my vision but at least I’d be good at Bop-It.