Vision problem demonstration using the medium of Jessie J


This is an image of the lovely Jessie J that I’ve edited to try and show what my vision problems are like. This is an example of how I see with my left eye. I have blind spots in my right eye too but in different places.

Imagine I’m looking at the tip of Jessie’s nose (an odd thing to do but please play along here). The spot just beneath my centre of vision is the main one. It is also the most annoying one because it overlaps a little with one of the ones in my right eye. There is also one just to the left of my centre of vision (Jessie’s ring finger) and one a little to the upper right of my centre of vision (Dermot’s shirt sleeve).

These are all fairly close to my centre of vision, rather than way out to the periphery. This is why they showed up a lot better on field of vision tests focusing on the closest 15° or so rather than the whole field.

If anyone has made any similar images to represent eyesight issues I’d be interested to see them.


Private or not?

After recognising the return of some unwelcome signs, I thought it best to contact the doctor I’d most recently seen at the eye hospital. He said he could see me next week, as opposed to our planned appointment in 3 months time. 

At the same time, the mother had offered to ring round a few private consultants (because I’m at work during the day, not because I’m a lazy ass) just in case they could offer something that the NHS could not. I don’t know how I feel about a private consultation. Aside from the cost of an investigation that may result from that, is there anything that they could do that NHS doctors couldn’t? I am only considering it as no one I’ve seen can seem to find anything to suggest what may be causing this. Since the first patches of vision I lost did not return, I don’t want to sit around waiting for it to happen again.