Female. 27. Confused.

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I started this blog when I mysteriously developed some neurological problems (perhaps related to my existing visual snow), in order to help me find answers, and perhaps help others in a similar situation.

Since then, despite not finding answers, I decided that thinking about this constantly and analysing symptoms I may have is not always helpful. Sometimes it is more beneficial to enjoy life and appreciate the health you have.

Since then I have decided to be true to myself and let myself fall in love with a beautiful woman. I feel better in myself these days, despite still having some of my symptoms and others that come and go. I now post about all sorts of things, but I still focus on medical issues now and then.

I am currently in the process of applying for a US Fiance Visa so that I can move to the USA and marry my Fiancee. We have a separate site HERE where we are selling our art products to try and raise money towards my move to the US with my two kitties.

I also have a Zazzle store, which has items relating to cats and some of gay/lesbian interest. Just fun stuff really. Check that out in the link below.



Also, I am a definite cat person and have these two…

some text

I love horror movies and have an interest in human psychology and animal behaviour. I enjoy walking and cycling and I am thankful to live near some great walking locations and amazing views.


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