Scottish independence: Views of a Welsh person

Many of the people reading my comments on Facebook and YouTube recently would probably consider me an aggressive ‘No’ campaigner (albeit, as a resident of Wales, without a vote).

Actually, this isn’t necessarily correct.  While I would prefer Scotland to remain a part of the UK, it is many of the ‘Yes’ campaigners’ remarks that I have a problem with.

If I believed everything many of the ‘Yes’ campaigners said, I would probably think everyone in Britain wanted a Conservative government. This is most definitely not true. I have never voted Conservative in my life and, unless anything changes drastically, never will (although admittedly my plan to move abroad may void this pledge regardless). I would never wish for a government run by a party known for its loyalty to the rich and the traditionalist upper classes, and with such obvious lack of consideration for animal welfare. (Yes, that in itself is a deal breaker for me.)

Anyway, a (possibly paranoid) feeling I get from many of the ‘Yes’ campaigners is that Britain and the UK government are considered one and the same.

As someone that has had a Labour MP since the constituency was established, the purpose of this post is to raise my hand and say “Excuse me, you’re wrong”. My town certainly has its bad points – crime, poverty and a noticeable financial abandonment from the rest of the county; but I am proud that it is part of a Conservative free zone.

So, Scotland, while previous comments may have made me appear selfish in my wish for us to remain united, what I would really like to ask is, can all of us anti-Conservative Brits join you? Because I fear that Scottish independence may leave the rest of us with a Conservative government for years to come.


Early Autumn Photography

It has been a lovely day here in North Wales. It’s sad that the warm weather will soon be over, but for now it’s nice to have a lazy Sunday to enjoy it.

Here are some pictures from a chilled afternoon in the garden.