Uncertain about uncertainty

I have recently realised that there must be a lot of people out there who also have to deal with uncertainty.

It is a difficult feeling to deal with. It affects all aspects of life, because it affects goal-setting, and most things in life require a goal to be successful.

For those dealing with uncertainty, you are forced to choose between setting goals which may not be achieveable, and then the feeling of disappointment, if not also financial loss, if they cannot be achieved; or not setting goals in the first place, which can lead to a feeling of unfulfillment.

Most of those dealing with uncertainty can probably look back at a time in their life that was filled with ambition and plans, and wish that they had put more effort into reaching those ambitions at a time when they could. Because now they are filled with motivation but they have nowhere to put it.

So when you are planning your holiday next year, or choosing which university to attend, remember to reach for your dreams now, because you never know when uncertainty is around the corner.