Petition to stop badger cull

Scientific evidence suggests this will do more harm than good regarding the spread of TB and that inexperienced shooting will result in very inhumane deaths of badgers. Please sign the petition.


Chiari I Malformation

Ok I would LOVE to get a comment from anyone who has this or knows something about it. Could it cause the following symptoms? And could it be missed on an MRI that was only briefly looked at by a neurologist, and then all of my doctors since then have just seen the report basically saying “everything is fine”? Thanks in advance.

Symptoms are:
– Headache in base of skull and pulling sensation when sitting in certain positions
– Increasing number of blind spots in vision, which never get better
– ‘Snowy’ vision since a teenager (but worsening), particularly in dim light. It is hard to explain this to someone who doesn’t experience it, but basically a little like bad TV signal or white noise
– Occasional skin numbness
– Dizziness and slightly impaired balance
– Weakness, particularly during/after exercise
– Heart palpitations and sometimes faint heartbeat
– Poor circulation to hands and feet

The worst part is obviously the blind spots in my vision because the lost vision shows no sign of returning. I have had all tests under the sun and the field of vision test is the only thing that actually allows doctors to believe I have a problem, but they say they can’t see anything wrong when they look into my eyes.

I had a lumbar puncture last year and the doctor said the CSF pressure was normal at that time (I was in hospital as an in-patient at the time), which stumps me even more.


Chiari I Malformation

Has anyone heard of this? I found out about this online and it seems to match a lot of my symptoms, such as the vision loss, dizziness, numbness and headaches at the base of the skull (feel kind of like lumbar puncture headaches), which appear in particular when sitting or lying in certain positions. Perhaps it would even explain the heart palpitations.

The only thing is, I have already had an MRI and it wasn’t spotted on that. But then it wasn’t looked at by a specialist. Also, the lumbar puncture I had last year did not suggest high CSF pressure. Maybe I’ll ask my doctor about it anyway.

You grew up in the 90s if… (my own version!)

These are always on Facebook so thought I’d write my own version!

You grew up in the 90s if:

– You collected Pogs and Slammers and you had the tubes to keep them in

– You collected either Spice Girls or football photos and also football stickers

– If you’re a girl you had chosen the Spice Girl that you were most like (or wanted to be)

– You know who Otis the Aardvark is

– You remember the theme tune to Arthur, Rugrats and The Busy World of Richard Scarry

– You wore skirt and leggings, high-heeled jelly shoes, platform trainers, pedal-pushers, cycling shorts, Adidas trackie bottoms and a Kappa jacket

– Boys shaved Nike ticks into the back of their heads

– You came back from holidays with a braid in your hair

– You watched Live & Kicking, Fun House, The Really Wild Show, Art Attack and How 2

– You got a big sticker every time you went to the dentist

– You had those annoying coloured plastic things on the spokes of your bike wheels

– You wanted gymnast Barbie, even if you didn’t like Barbies in general

– You had a Tamagotchi and panicked that it would die while you were in school

– You had a Gameboy and a Sega Mega Drive and played Sonic

– You listened to Spice Girls, 5ive, B*Witched, Steps, S Club 7, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Take That (the first time round!) and Hanson